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Leo is currently bookable in three live acts:

Leo Wood Acoustic

An intimate solo acoustic set with just Leo and the piano. Downtempo and immersive. 

Leo Wood 

A live DJ / Vocal set fusing Hip Hop and Drum and Bass with original releases and topline vocals.

Featuring released collaborations with artists including Villem & Mcleod, Bcee, The Vanguard Project, & Reflektor that combine into a soulful liquid set evolving seamlessly through 2 killer genres. Expect mountains of new unreleased material, well-loved favorites and onstage improv. 

Origin: Bristol UK 

Currently: BC Canada 

Genre: Urban Soul/Folk

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: Unsigned/ Various

Official Websites: 



Leo is a songwriter and recording artist who explores the partnership between acoustic and electronic genres who is well known for releasing music in Drum and Bass and House.  

Setting out her creative stall at the intersection of languidly tempered electronica-infused beats, bluesy melancholia, and soulful introspection. 

Leo explores and integrates genres, breaking the rule book at every opportunity with a diverse flow of releases and collaborations.  


Working alongside distinguished artists all over the world to explore and develop new music that resonated the chill, liquid vibes. 



Unfathomably stunning sound’  A&R Factory - 

‘Leo Wood is a UK based songwriter and vocalist who tests the boundaries of the acoustic and electronic partnership...

She took her own inspirations, classical training, and penchant for Blues and Soul to create a truly pioneering sound.… an experience of pure aural alchemy that you definitely will want to check out for yourself.’’


Absolutely breathtaking’ Bristol Live 

‘’[An] accomplished collection of songs that drift along with complete, soulful elegance.’’


‘’One of the best vocalists in the business’’ Downloads & Reloads. 


‘’Leo knows no genre boundaries and [has] published music in the fields of pop, jazz, hip hop, drum & bass, House and other electronic genres.’’ - Dance charts France


Leo Wood Live Solo Set 


Leo Wood Electronic Set (DJ + Vocals) 

Cooking With Leo - Live Tech House Set 

(DJ Cooking x Leo Wood Live vocals) 

Please contact individually for tech riders



Unsigned/ Various | leowood@live.co.uk



Self/Tunecore/AWAL/ Interstellar Publishing | info@interstellarmusicgroup.com




Cooking with Leo | leowood@live.co.uk/danmackinnon@live.co.uk


Dennis Cruz                                                                                      To Burn Ft.Leo Wood                                                Defected Records 

Obylx                                                                                                  The Hour Ft. Leo Wood                                            Guise Records 2018

Villem & Mcleod                                                                               Let it Breath Ft. Leo Wood                                      Spearhead Records

Villem & Mcleod                                                                               Gifted Lover Ft. Leo Wood                                      Fokuz Recordings

The Vanguard Project                                                                      Rise & Fall Ft. Leo Wood                                          Fokuz Recordings

The Vanguard Project.                                                                     Elevate Ft. Leo Wood                                               Spearhead Records

BCee                                                                                                   Sincerely yours  Ft. Leo Wood                                Spearhead Records

Phaction                                                                                             Unified theory Ft Leo Wood                                    Liquicity Records

Phaction                                                                                             I Have You Ft Leo Wood                                          CIA Records 

Phaction                                                                                             Stratos  Ft Leo Wood                                                Fokuz Recordings

Larigold                                                                                               Break Down  Ft Leo Wood                                       Radar Records

Tall Kingdom                                                                                      In This Nothing  Ft Leo Wood                                  Kudos Records.

UFO Project                                                                                     Move For You Ft Leo Wood                                     Circus Records 

Okaminko                                                                                          No Rush Ft Leo Wood    

Many more soon to be announced! 

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