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Leo Wood is a songstress and recording artist breaking on the Dance scene who feeds your desire for big hooks, true soul and rich ethereal twists.

She weaves her melodies fluently through urban and underground genres traversing Drum and Bass,House, Tech-House, Techno and Alt Bass genres.


A gifted multi-genre artist Leo is consistently hitting with high streaming releases on some of our favourite dance labels including - Anjuna Deep, Defected, Hospital records, Crosstown Rebels, Liquicity, Shogun Audio, Spearhead, Insomniac records and many other highly respected dance labels. 

Brazenly nurturing your appetite for diversity on the dance floor Leo seamlessly pulls together inspiration from across all corners. Her powerful sultry tones flow into retro jazz-inspired bangers, from folk to pop her nostalgic melodies and unique lyricisms are resonating through the scene and Leo is swiftly becoming a household name. You’ll discover her for one genre and be pulled into the others as you recognise a deep passion for great music with no limits.

Leo Wood is receiving consistent support from UK radio with recent releases being picked up on Radio 1 and Kiss FM. Fool For Love with Harry Romero and Chris Lake has been roller coasting this month with massive playlist features, live DJ support and Kiss Fm's killer track. 

'Blue' with Marsh was Radio 1 chillest track and her release with radio legends Rene La Vice  & Mollie Collins is a powerful DnB anthem that displays Leo's vocal in glorious heights.  

Recently described as one of the best in the scene Leo is on many a music radar and one to keep an eye on. With a rare drive, Leo is a woman in the dance world who's vocal prowess demands to be taken seriously.

Leo continues to work with top producers and DJ's across the world with many exciting releases lined up for 2023 and beyond.  



Leo is currently bookable and contactable through this website. 

Leo Wood Dance Set

A true multi genre artist Leo Wood pulls inspiration from across dance floor to deliver a diverse and ever evolving movement that has no boundaries and sticks to no rules.

Traversing DnB, House, Acoustic and Bass music, this act is a tapas feast for the ears and nurtures your love for all good things. 

 A live DJ / Vocal set fusing together Leo's releases on some of our favourite dance labels including: Defected, Hospital Records, Crosstown Rebels, Anjuna Deep, Shogun Audio, Liquicity, Spearhead records.. .

Leo Wood Acoustic

An intimate solo acoustic set with just Leo and the piano. Downtempo and immersive, Leo takes you on a journey through her Dance releases from a whole new angle.  

Hear Leo without the embellishment of production, tune into a voice that absolutely takes it on its own and leaves you spellbound. 

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Cool Air EP - Soulful is the best word to describe such warm and overwhelming vocals, rising and shining over the melodic line and embracing all the light and joy in the world. And if u are still not dreaming about spring already, wait till “Lions”, listen to the 'sparrows', then open your eyes and smell the flowers. ‘Bass Portal'


Absolutely breathtaking’ Bristol Live 

‘’[An] accomplished collection of songs that drift along with complete, soulful elegance.’’


‘’One of the best vocalists in the business’’ Downloads & Reloads. 


‘’Leo knows no genre boundaries and [has] published music in the fields of pop, jazz, hip hop, drum & bass, House and other electronic genres.’’ - Dance charts France



Various- List below |


Publisher: Blackrock Publishing

Self/Tunecore/S2K/AWAL/ Involved Publishing/In The Key Of Knife/Interstellar Publishing/ SSA publishing


Booking: Book Leo Wood Live

Origin: Bristol UK 


Drum and Bass/House/Bass/Alt/Acoustic/ Jazz/Hiphop. 

Label: Various

Release Label information


Eden.                                                                                                 Future Retro Recordings

Are You Still Around.                                                                     Liquicity/''

Lawless                                                                                              Soulvent/ ''

Electric Wires.                                                                                 Shogun Audio / Shogun

Cool Air Ep.                                                                                     FokuzRecordings  / S2k Publishing  

Perfect imperfection ft. Reflektor                                               FokuzRecordings  / S2k Publishing          

Over and Over                                                                                 Anjuna Deep /Involved Publishing

My Stripes                                                                                         Anjuna Deep /Involved Publishing

New Dawn remixes                                                                         Insomniac Records / S2k

New Dawn                                                                                        Insomniac Records / S2k

Lions                                                                                                   FokuzRecordings / S2k

We had a song                                                                                  Hospital Records /Songs In the Key Of Knife

Siren                                                                                                   Spearhead Records /Songs In the Key Of Knife

To Burn ft Leo Wood                                                                      Defected Records / Defected Music Limited

The Hour Ft. Leo Wood                                                                 Guise Records / Interstellar Publishing

Let it Breath                                                                                     Spearhead Records / Interstellar Publishing

Gifted Lover Ft. Leo Wood                                                           Fokuz Recordings /Songs In the Key Of Knife

Rise & Fall Ft. Leo Wood                                                               Fokuz Recordings/ Songs In the Key Of Knife

 Elevate Ft. Leo Wood                                                                    Spearhead Records/Songs In the Key Of Knife

Sincerely yours  Ft. Leo Wood                                                      Spearhead Records/ Songs In the Key Of Knife

Unified theory Ft Leo Wood                                                          Liquicity/ Interstellar Publishing

I Have You Ft Leo Wood                                                                CIA Records / Interstellar Publishing

 Stratos  Ft Leo Wood                                                                    Fokuz Recordings / Interstellar Publishing

Break Down  Ft Leo Wood                                                            Radar Records

In This Nothing  Ft Leo Wood                                                       Kudos Records.

Move For You Ft Leo Wood                                                         Circus Records

 No Rush Ft Leo Wood 

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