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Download Leo's Sample Packs

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Leo is a creator of vocal samples for Samplephonics, Noiiz and Loopmasters. Her creative packs range through <120Bpm> and <170>bpm. Download from a unique and highly esteemed collection of Leo's royalty-free vocals and enjoy working with a celebrated songwriter.  You can check them out below.

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This vocal pack is powerful! Tantalising deep soul, luscious and beautifully refined. From the first note, you are drawn into the elegant depth of the lyrics, the rolling rhythms and vivid melodies.

Atmospheric, soulful timbre with beautifully layered harmonies throughout. Delicate yet fierce vocals that will leave your hair on end and you keen to get cracking! ;)

‘Don’t Shake’ is full of low-slung seductive swagger. Inspired by the hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’, the lyrics roll in poetic Quentin Tarrentino style finesse. Teaming with unexpected hooks that are almost criminal in their delivery.

This vocal pack is rammed with personality. With sassy melodies and lyrics that have an underlying, subtle hint of dark humor. These vocals will inspire and are just waiting to be explored, chopped up and sampled to add serious flare to your productions.

Move For You’ has the makings of an absolute classic! This sample collection has been split into 2 verses, 2 chorus, an outro and plenty of ad-libs.

The main vocal stands firmly on its own with a healthy dose of soulful fire – but to top it off, ...

''As a singer, I can't help but explore many genres and write for: Soul, house, hip hop, dnb, pop, and all in between–It's just a case of what comes out on the day. I explore, discover & challenge to create original content that sparks and inspires top productions. It's a pleasure to see what comes back! '' - Leo 

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