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Want to work with Leo ? 
We'd love to hear from you if:
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You’re a producer interested in exploring

Leo’s music/songs for a collaborative

production project. 

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You'd like a topline vocalist for your musical

project. Collaboration, featured artist or other.

Original writing & session recording available.  

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Ghostwriting - Do you want help with your songwriting or lyrics? 

If your interested in licensing

and syncing Leo’s released

& unreleased material.

You want to fund an album,

make a music video or

chat over a glass of wine

Something else?

We’d love to hear what

you have in mind so please drop us a line.



Steve Jefroy (BCee) 5*

Leo Wood is an absolute pleasure to work with. It's nice to find someone just as professional as they are creative. Absolute star.

By Alexandre Pavlou 5*

Collaborating with Leo has been a truly great experience. For me, a clear benchmark for how a vocalist collaboration should be has been set. She is excellent at communicating and comes up with meaningful, thoughtful lyrics. She puts a lot of time and great detail into recording takes too, and my only challenge would end up being auditioning all the clips she'd sent over and trying to decide which was best because its all so damn good haha. In terms of her voice itself, I'd say she's a rare breed of singer...classy, uniquely soulful, lots of power when needed and v.skilled in articulations

By Maxim 5*

There’s something about Leo :) 
I asked for a soulful vocal and oh boy I did get a soulful vocal, she blew me away with her studio performance. 
I am not easily impressed but working with Leo was an absolute pleasure
I received a high-quality vocal, with amazing adlibs and backing vocals which gave my track a complete makeover, couldn’t be more happier with the result !


By Andrew Wilson 5*

Working with Leo was exactly what every producer dreams about.

She goes above and beyond in delivering the main vocals plus many different adlibs and takes to add longevity and listenability to the overall song.

She recorded the vocals in her own studio which were excellent in quality.

She was prompt and open to suggestions without a hint of ego, a pleasure to work with.

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